Subscriptions 2022

Club subscriptions are due on the 1st January, and should be sent to our Treasurer, Mrs Margaret Blanks at:
11 Marion Close
Suffolk NR34 9UR

If you would prefer to pay by Standing Order to save having to remember each year, or you wish to pay by online banking, the clubs bank details are:
The Red Point and Tortie Point Siamese Cat Club
Sort code: 60-12-34 (NatWest Bank)
A/C No.: 37060678

Subscriptions are £5 Single or £7 Joint.

Update to Covid restrictions

We have received notification from our Venue, Wendover Memorial Hall, that they are now following amended Government Covid regulations that came in to force on 27th January 2022:

Venues and events will no longer be required by law to use the NHS Covid pass. They can still choose to use it on a voluntary basis

Face masks are no longer required by law in any setting, including schools. Public health guidance will remain in place, suggesting people continue to wear them in crowded and enclosed spaces, where you may come into contact with people you do not normally meet.

However following discussion by the Committees , and to keep our supporters safe, we are going with the following actions which now replace the notice contained in our Schedules:

  • The Show will be advertised as a ‘Private event’ and there will be no entry to the public, but additional tickets for family members/friends can be purchased with entry and will follow restrictions below.
  • All those entering the building will be required to show proof of a negative lateral flow test taken within 24 hours of show day and of course we ask that you do not attend if you, or members of your immediate household, have any possible Covid symptoms which include a continuous cough, high temperature or loss of smell or taste. Please do not present the used test cartridge as evidence.
  • Masks will not be mandatory but please be respectful of the choice to wear.
  • We will have the Memorial Hall well ventilated with our higher (cat proof!) windows open and ,as we expect a reduced entry in line with other Shows in the Section, we will ensure there are wide aisle spaces and around the perimeter of the Hall.

Any queries on this please contact myself as below.

Judy Emmens
Show Manager


RPTPSCC Members get a 20% discount on genetic testing. Please e-mail our Hon. Secretary to obtain our unique club code. More about testing >>
Langford Veterinary Services


DNA samples wanted for Amyloidosis research

Lyons Feline and Comparative Genetics Laboratory is currently performing protein and genetic studies, including genome-wide association studies (GWAS) using DNA arrays to identify the causal DNA variant(s) for Amyloidosis both in Abyssinian/Somali and Siamese/Oriental felines. They are short of control samples from healthy older cats.

If you have an older Siamese, Oriental or Balinese (12+, though the researchers will take younger) could you please get a sample sent to Dr. Lyons? They also need more samples from the unfortunate cats who pass young, particularly the 2 and 3-year olds. There has been some confusion because they did not know that there are a lot that go at 6 or 7 from amyloidosis, as they were focused on the early onset ones. So, they need blood or tissue from Congo-red positive on pathology or liver fracture as cause of death on necropsy young cats, and blood or buccal samples from old cats that are healthy. Dr. Longeri is collecting and processing samples in Europe, Dr. Lyons in the U.S. This is collaborative work.

We COULD have a test in a year or a few is we can get enough good samples to the researchers. The full genomes that they have done have given them places to look in other samples. More info about the research project be found here…/amyloidosis.