If you want to join the Red Point & Tortie Point Siamese Cat Club there is an application form here. If you prefer to receive a form by post please contact Judy Emmens. Our club rules can be found here.

Membership Rates

Entrance Fee
  single £ 1
  joint £ 2

Annual Subscription (incl. journal)
  single £ 5
  joint £ 7
  junior (no voting rights) £ 1

Life Membership
  single £ 30
  joint £ 35 

Club subscriptions are due on the 1st January annually. Please send a cheque to our Hon. Secretary, Mrs Judy Emmens or contact her to see if any of the committee are going to a show so that you can pay them there. Or you can always arrange with Sue to set up a Standing Order to save having to remember each year!
Kitten and Stud enquiries
The Club has a kitten list and enquiries are always welcome, but you may find that you will have to wait for what you want. So often there are kittens on the list but no enquiries - or no kittens on the list when you want one! If you are looking for a Red, Cream or Apricot Point at stud in the UK, please remember to email your queen's details as well: we wouldn't want to recommend her sire or brother by accident. Please contact Jackie Reed for more info.

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